DCF Outrage

This is the landing page for Department of Children and Families.

  • Why Can the State Kidnap Your Child?

    Some of the basic information about how DCF makes false allegations of abuse or neglect, what they do to make them stick, and how to fight them. Read article
  • What to do if DCF comes to your door

    Almost nothing, except a criminal break-in, is more terrifying than agents of DCF coming to your door, often at night, and with armed police. This article explains exactly what you need to know to turn them away, and what your legal and constitutional rights are. Read article
  • DCF Dirty Tricks

    Here you will find many of the dirty tricks that DCF social workers use to get you to say things that will later be used in court to take your children, or to keep oppressing your family for months or years to come. If they have been to your home, you will probably recognize them. Forewarned is forearmed. Read article
  • DCF Law, Regulations, and Definitions

    I have put some of my own comments and observations in [brackets] throughout this section. They are not part of the text.

    I. Laws That Allow DCF to Take Your Children

    A. The ‘Snitch Network' Statute - Chapter 119, Section 51A

    [Comment: Sets up a network of professional snitches, consisting of ...

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  • DCF Policy on Placement of Children

    DSS Policy #90-004(R) Effective: 09/01/1989 Revised: 11/15/1991 Revised: 02/10/1998



    Placement is defined as a situation in which the child is in the care or custody of the Department and the child is not living at home. In any ...

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  • Guide to DCF Organization

    Only the darkest-souled tyrant, like Sauron, the evil overseer of the land of Mordor in the Lord of the Rings, could put together a system like the Massachusetts Dept. of Children and Families (DCF). Most people cannot begin to figure out how its system works, and why it does what ...

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  • How DCF Does Court Cases

    There are basically two types of court cases that DCF pursues. The first is called a "care and protection" case, and the other is "adoption". A case only gets into court when DCF has snatched your children or wants to snatch them and keep them either for a while or ...

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  • The DCF Snitch Network

    The DCF snitch network - meaning their "child abuse hotline" - is probably the most brilliant idea that the child abuse bureaucrats have ever had. The concept was developed in the federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA), sponsored by the Marxist Senator Walter Mondale way back in 1974. The feds ...

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  • How DCF Does Administrative Cases (Non-Court)

    There are TWO basic types of cases that DCF does - court cases and administrative ones. A court case, called a "Care and Protection" case, is one where they go to the Juvenile Court and ask the judge to take your children and put them into foster care. Sometimes these cases ...

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