restraining order Outrage

This section contains information about how to fight back if you have been served with a restraining order based on false allegations of abuse. Restraining orders are blight on the American legal system. They are given out by judges much too easily, without the traditional protections of due process, rules of evidence, jury trials, or innocent until proved guilty. They result in losing one's home, children and liberty. A violation of a restraining order, even an innocent one, can result in arrest, jail with no bail, and conviction of a crime.

Here you will find an overview of the law about restraining orders and information on how to prepare a case and fight it to win in court. It includes a section on the law, explanation of key terms, and how to fight back. Also, check out the Restraining Order Dirty Tricks link to see some of the dirty, lowdown ways that these orders are used to harm their real victims, the defendants.

  • Fighting False Restraining Orders

    Contains a full overview of the legal process of how restraining orders work, an explanation of the laws involved, and how to fight back if you have been a victim of a false allegation restraining order. Read article
  • Restraining Order Law and Definitions

    If a person comes in to court (called the ‘complainant' or ‘plaintiff') and whines about feeling ‘fear', a court will often issue an order, even though many times it is improper and illegal to do it. So, what does a person actually have to prove to get an order legitimately ...

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  • Restraining Orders - How They REALLY Work

    Restraining orders are often used for ulterior motives, such as throwing out a boyfriend, revenge, ending a marriage, or out of spite. Why? Because they can, and courts enable it. Here are some of the dirty tricks to watch out for when you are ensnared in a restraining order case, to keep you from making a mistake and ending up in jail. Read article
  • Outrageous Restraining Order Cases

    A person seeking a restraining order from a court can tell a judge about fear of "abuse" in a vague manner, with no chance for the defendant to respond, with no presentation of evidence, and with no test to see if the claim is true. The court will almost always ...

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  • Restraining Order Dirty Tricks

    These "dirty tricks" are used again and again against restraining order defendants in both District and Family Courts, because they work so well:

    Dirty Trick No. 1

    The So-Called "Victim Witness Advocate", usually working out her own tortured past in a life dedicated to revenge against men, will tell the ...

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